Are you interested in customizing trophies or awards for the participants in a youth sports league, or would you like to obtain personalized plaques or medals to hand out to your corporate employees as a token of your appreciation? Browning Trophies & Awards Inc. is a family-owned and operated trophy and awards shop that creates custom trophies and awards, acrylic awards, laser engraving, ribbons, championship rings, and more. With over 500 trophies and plaques to choose from, we want to custom-make something for you that is genuinely special.

Kids and adults both appreciate when their hard work is recognized. Browning Trophies & Awards Inc. works hard to serve you as the leading trophy and awards shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In the past, we have also worked closely with school districts, sports leagues, and corporations, both in Dallas TX, the Dallas Metroplex area, and other parts of the country. We have more than 55 years of experience in custom trophy creation and have built our company on fast, courteous service and high quality merchandise. That’s exactly what you can expect from us when you place an order.

At Browning Trophies & Awards Inc., we can recommend to you trophies and awards we have in stock, based on what you need. If you would like to personalize your awards, we can also assist you with custom trophies and awards, personalized plaques, ribbons, championship rings, medals, and other awards. We do laser engraving in our facilities and we also sell acrylic awards and other trophies you won’t be able to find elsewhere. 

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If you don't see what you are looking for, please call our office at 972-276-5479 with any questions you might have and we will be glad to assist you. You can also email us at

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