Browning Trophies & Awards Inc. has served as the premier trophy shop in the Dallas, TX area for over 55 years. While many of our clients have come to us specifically for trophies and awards, we have a wide range of other plaques and ribbons available in our Dallas-Fort Worth and Dallas Metroplex area stores. Whether you want to give out trophies and awards to those participating in your sports league or you want to hand out music awards or glass and crystal trophies at a performance or recital, we have these and more in stock.

Because of our knowledge in the custom trophies and awards business, we are able to pair an award or plaque for any event, competition, or situation. We have more than 500 trophies and awards, in addition to plaques, ribbons, medals, and championship rings available, and this can make finding the right award challenging. We will show you everything we have in our Dallas Metroplex stores and then find you the best options for your group or team. We have worked with many school districts, sports leagues, and corporations in the past, who continue to use our services.

Everyone loves to be acknowledged for their contributions, which is why selecting the right token to express your appreciation is important. Our selection of high-quality merchandise at Browning Trophies & Awards Inc. can be awarded at many events, competitions, recitals, and award ceremonies in the Dallas, TX area. The people here have come to know and love the products we sell, and we promise that our awards will become cherished mementos and display pieces for your recipients. 

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